Empowering Opportunity Through Fellowship

Our mission is to empower ambitious people, who otherwise lack opportunity, to grow successful businesses and build sustainable communities through education and access to credit.

What We Do

We find bright, motivated people and support them in building sustainable communities.

Why We Do It

We dream of developing business partners who will establish sustainable communities that no longer need our support.

How We Do It

Seek Out
Business Partners

Our field agents work with local churches in Egypt to identify ambitious people who lack access to credit


We provide interest free loans to business partners after carefully evaluating and refining their proposal

Continuous Business

We regularly meet with funded partners to evaluate their progress and provide ongoing advice and education to optimize their chances of success

Ways to Give


Set up a monthly donation to provide us with a predictable stream of funding for upcoming projects.

Contribute Your Time and Expertise

We appreciate any and all support – consider donating your services to help us improve and grow as an organization.

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